• 2011 Topps Attax 61 Card Baseball Game Starter Kit--GREAT GIFT!!
  • 2011 Score Buffalo Bills Team Set Factory Sealed Team Set with Ryan Fitzpatrick+
  • 1982 Topps Traded (Update) Frank Tanana Card #117T
2011 Topps Attax 61 Card Baseball Game Starter Kit--GREAT GIFT!!

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Product Information:

This is the 2011 Topps Attax Baseball factory sealed 60 card game starter kit. Each starter kit contains one 29-card deck "A" pack PLUS one 29-card deck "B" pack PLUS two foil cards PLUS one Toppstown.com card PLUS one deluxe playmat/rules and two player deck storage boxes for a total of 61 cards. A whole new look for the Attax starter deck and more value! New "Big League" game-play and rules: All-new baseball action including base hits, base running, stealing and fielding in addition to pitching and home runs! Mascot cards - new to ATTAX, these fan favorites help kids’ teams to victory! Stadium cards – new to ATTAX, these cards set the stage for the new game, bringing MLB’s rich iconic shrines to life as part of the game! Played with 30 cards (instead of 13 cards) to encourage creativity and variety in picking players and managing teams. New card design and easy-to-understand icons to help keep the game simple for kids while making it challenging enough to play again and again as they enjoy managing their own teams of their favorite MLB Baseball heroes! The only official MLB trading card game (the only MLB card game that lets kids battle head to head against friends). New card design includes more flexible cards with rounded corners and playing card coating for ease of handling, playing and shuffling All cards are numbered, assigned rarity (common, uncommon, rare, ultra rare) to enhance collectability and tradability!

Fantastic gift for any baseball fan!!

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