SMCCI's Layaway Plan
We will gladly set up a Layaway Plan for any order totalling $100 or more. (This option appears during the on-line checkout process; or call for a layaway form.) Payments will be broken up into 4 equal installments that are due promptly on a monthly basis. You may mail a check or money order, pay by PayPal or we can bill your credit card automatically. You'll receive an updated installment voucher each time a payment is made and your card(s) will be shipped immediately upon receipt of the final payment! (Feel free to make payments more rapidly to receive your cards faster, the maximum time allowed is 4 months.)

Once the layaway is established we guarantee you will receive the card(s) ordered at the price quoted regardless of market fluctuations. This is a great way to reserve those hard to find cards you always wanted without having to pay for it all at once!

Layaway Rules:

  1. 1) Limit one layaway per customer at a time.

  2. 2) Layaways can't be cancelled nor changed once they've started as the item(s) will be pulled from inventory immediately for you.

  3. 3) Deposits are non-refundable and will be forfeited if the layaway is not resolved within 5 months from the start date.